dr-kaiser-logoDr. Kaiser Diamantwerkzeuge

Dr. Kaiser provides a wide range of plated grinding products in a durable nickel matrix.  With a new plating technology developed by Dr. Kaiser, the concentration of CBN or diamond deposited during the plating process can be modified precisely.

  • CBN from B46 to B301
  • Diamond from D46 to D301
  • Up to a 23.6″ (600mm) diameter
  • Form Tolerance and TIR tolerance to 2 microns

engis_logo3Engis Corporation

Engis Corporation provides the following products for precision grinding and honing applications:

  • Diamond & CBN Superfinishing Tools
  • “Hyprez” Lapping Products
  • Bore Finishing Hones & Honing Machines
  • Diamond Plated Products
  • Diamond Powders
  • Diamond Grinding & Polishing Tools

kr-logoKrebs & Riedel

Krebs & Riedel manufactures vitrified Diamond and CBN grinding wheels to meet the demands of modern abrasive machining processes.

Diamond is used for machining carbides, oxide ceramics, glass fiber reinforced materials, & hard-facing alloys. CBN is used for high-alloy hardened steels, tool steels, nickel-based alloys, PM steels, & chilled cast iron.

MB Superabrasives logo - MODIFIED

MB Superabrasives

MB Superabrasives manufactures custom engineered, single-layer, brazed, superabrasive tools for cutting, grinding and shaping advanced composite materials, friction materials, fiberglass, steel, cast iron, ceramics & carbon fibers.