Established in 1992, S.L. Munson & Company is  a technically focused problem-solving organization whose core value is to provide solutions, not just products. We purchased our Molecular Bond Superabrasives brand in 2004 and as a result now produce vacuum-brazed and sintered products at our 10,000 SF manufacturing facility in Columbia, SC. Additionally in 2006, we acquired IGA Abrasives in Grand Rapids, MI, which specializes in ALO, SiC, ceramic, and CBN grinding wheels and honing sticks. Today, S.L. Munson & Company is a leading importer and manufacturer of precision abrasives and diamond dressing products. Our commitment to serving our customers only grows each day. Because our best is standard.

Our Vision

To be the precision abrasive supplier of choice for end-use applications where we can supply/justify our value-added products.

Our Mission

To be the best-in-class supplier of application-based abrasives and diamond dressing solutions by utilizing the latest technology products supported by state-of-the-art analytical techniques. We will grow the company by increasing our connection with potential users of our products in key end-use segments where our program of engaged commercial support and highly productive products, supported by qualified application technicians, can be financially quantified by the users of our products.