Dr. Kaiser has become the premier Diamond Dresser manufacturer in the world.  Dresser types include the following:

CNC Dressing Discs

Dress conventional and vitrified Superabrasive grinding wheels on CNC grinding machines for either straight or form dressing.

Plunge Dressing
rolls contain the entire workpiece geometry and transfer this geometry to the grinding wheel by a single in-feed motion
Dressing CBN Wheels – RIG
RIG tools are plated diamond tools with a single layer of diamond attached by a nickel bond to a steel body.
Dressing CBN Wheels – RI
RI tools have a thick layer that is impregnated with diamond grit for longer life. RI tools can be shaped during manufacture with precise profiles.
Gear Grinding
Rotary Diamond dressing tools are used for profiling gear grinding wheels. Their module range is from 0.35mm to 10mm (72 to 2.54 DP). The latest generation gear dressers use PCD reinforcing of the dresser tip on a direct-plated diamond dresser. Diamond Dressing Systems are usable for Fassler, Hamada, Gleason, Kapp, Liebherr, Okamoto, Reishauer, and Samputtensili gear grinding machines. These tools can generally be reconditioned by either relapping or replating.
MCD Dressing
MCD Dressers are stationary dressing tools with monocrystalline diamond for dressing complex profiles and radii on grinding wheels. They provide long life, stability, and repeatability, especially when dressing ceramic abrasive wheels.



PCD Workrest Blades
Dr. Kaiser provides custom made Workrest Blades for all major brands of Centerless Grinders. Dr. Kaiser blades can improve geometrical and dimensional accuracies and surface finish on components. Blades are available with Eddy-Current Sensors for in-process inspection of ground workpiece surfaces on thru-feed grinding.